K – 12 School


The art curriculum at Lincoln-Marti Schools is structured to meet the variety of student interests and needs as they relate to visual arts. This curriculum guides students through the basics of art with fun and educational projects they are sure to enjoy.

When we plan arts &crafts for our children we use multiple mediums such as paints, crayons, paper, wood, fabric, clay, and organic material. The emphasis is on developmental creativity utilizing not only two dimensional spatial awareness as well.

The curriculum guides students through the basic drawing techniques, and teaches them how to really see the objects they want to draw. Students who feel already display talent for drawing will increase their drawing skills and learn to be the best they can be!

This course is based on the following objectives:

  • Identify the three primary colors , using primary and secondary colors.
  • Learn the difference between warm and cool colors.
  • Identify complimentary colors
  • Learn about forming a pattern.
  • Learn about tints and shades of colors.
  • Define analogous colors.
  • Recognize that feelings and moods can be implied in a work of art.
  • Recognize the many different kinds of lines.
  • Identify lines which show movement or rhythm.
  • Identify textured lines.
  • Learn about implied textures.
  • Learn the importance of having a center of interest in their art work.
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