K – 12 School

Character Education (Moral & Civic) a Manners Education

This will enable them to live their live to the fullest potential. At the same time, they will learn to emphasize with people who are less fortunate and contribute to the general welfare of the community . We are committed to excellence in everything we do, we seek to foster an environment of trust and mutual respect in order to encourage intellectual risk-taking. Learning is an adventure, we grow by taking chances, testing limits, and challenging ourselves to continually achieve new heights. Social development and confidence go hand in hand. Your children will make friends at a pace that’s right for them. Their circle of friends will grow and their confidence too.

To impart a solid foundation of values the students will:

  • Learn about the cultures and customs of other people in order to appreciate unity in a multi-racial society.
  • Appreciate basic human values as essential to the development of character.
  • Acquire decision-making skills which will facilitate development of a moral code.
  • Develop self-discipline and self-confidence necessary to promote the fulfillment of one’s potential.
  • Develop the value skills needed for personal, family, community, national and world harmony.
  • Develop a healthy attitude towards the environment.
  • Develop the value skills needed for personal, family, community, national and world harmony.
  • To create awareness of differing values in society and how these relate to students’ personal values.
  • To develop rationale in decision-making on moral issues.

This program also focuses on table manners, good character, knowledge , and positive-intelligence that are the real assets of man.

Performing duties, fulfilling responsibilities , keeping integrity is basic to the formation of one’s words and not hurting others are the characteristics of a gentleman/lady.

Our school counts with the Citizens Training Handbook, which covers the areas of Discipline, Moral, Civism, and Urbanity. A guide for parents, teachers and students, written by Demetrio Perez Jr.

Our Civics program which forms part of the Moral and Civics class also covers :

The U.S. Historic Documents, Congress’s current legislation and issues, Congress and Senate bills and issues, Selected Historic Supreme Courts Cases, Justices of the Supreme Court, Our Constitution, U.S House of Representatives, The U.S Senate, The story of the U.S flag, The story of the dollar bill, Hispanic & Cuban Culture

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