K – 12 School

Physical Education

Boys and girls take P.E separately.

  • Sports Conditioning (7th-12th grade): A class designed to increase the athlete’s strength, speed, quickness, and jumping ability.
  • Volleyball Club (7th – 9th grade): Emphasis is upon skills, learning systems, and understanding the rules.
  • Basketball Club (10th-12th grade): This course includes basic fundamentals and strategies.
  • Health Club (6th-12 grade): This course will emphasize information and experiences which promote healthy lifestyle through physical fitness and proper food management. You will spend 50% of the time in the gym participating in various types of fitness activities. The remainder of the time will be spent in lab learning how to manage food intake, eating habits, portion control, fat update, positive self talk, goal setting, eating disorders and meal preparation. Total fitness is a gradual and a on-going process. By working hard both in and out of the class, you will see positive results. Get involved in the lifestyle for wellness.
  • Aerobics Club: Conditioning for those serious about staying in shape. Students will be introduced to step Aerobics improves cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and students learn about nutrition.

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