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The Spanish program is for both students who are non-Spanish Speakers , Span-SL, and for Spanish Speakers , Span-S.

Our programs have been carefully structured; combining the practical with the grammatical. It allows the student to use the new language while gradually understanding the cultural aspects behind it. The teaching methodology, the dynamic interchange of experiences in the classroom, the didactic material and the professors’ knowledge are indispensable ingredients of the Spanish program. This program is designed to help students communicate effectively and appropriately in a wide range of situations , for a variety of purposes in a language other than the student’s own . Be prepared to continue growth and specialization in the languages studied. The ability to communicate in more than one language contributes to an enriched, responsible, and meaningful life. Additionally, this skill enhances employment opportunities especially in our community across a broad range of careers and reinforces every other area of endeavor, both in school and beyond.

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Phone: (305) 642-1000
Email: info@lincoln-marti.com
Fax: (305) 649-2767

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