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  • 2700 Southwest 8 Street
    Miami, Florida 33135
  • Tel. 305.643.4888

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970 West Flagler St
(305) 325-1001


3550 West 84 Street
(305) 827-8080

Florida City

147 East Lucy Street
(305) 242-3330


2244 Fortune Road, Kissimmee, FL
(407) 530-5000 

Special education


Lincoln-Marti Schools have specialized programs which provide educational and therapeutic services for learning disabled, emotionally handicapped, as well as for mentally challenged students. Speech and language therapy in grades Kindergarten-12 are also part of the program.

Through the use of a structured curriculum, that follows the Florida Sunshine State Standards, a comprehensive behavior management system provides positive behavior support and a range of clinical services. The school staff successfully addresses the social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of the students. The ultimate goal is to provide intensive services to promote the successful reintegration of students back into the regular school setting in the least restrictive environment. Family involvement is a key component of the school program.

Small groups and one-on-one services are key to the success of this program. Lincoln-Marti Schools participate in the McKay Scholarship Program. Students attending a special education program in public schools are eligible to receive these services free of charge at Lincoln-Marti Schools.

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2700 S.W 8 Street
Miami, FL 33135

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6 A.M through 7 P.M
Weekends: Closed

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Phone: (305) 642-1000
Fax: (305) 649-2767

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