K – 12 School

Social Studies

The Social Studies department offers a full range of studies to prepare our students for today’s complex and every changing world. Our courses in U.S. History and Exploring World History, explores topics that encompass Constitutional issues, the historical relationship between individuals and their government, and world events that have helped to create today’s challenging world.

The relevance of an Elementary Social Studies program is especially important. Students are turned on to a life long love of learning through the lively narrative, student centered activities and up to date coverage found in Lincoln-Marti School Social Studies’ Curriculum:

  • Family, Stressing history, Geography, Economics, Citizenship, and the Humanities (Kindergarten thru 6th grade): Activities-based program.
  • World Past and Present ( 7th grade): This curriculum focuses on the regions of the world , stressing history, geography, citizenship and the humanities.
  • World Regions (8th grade) : It is a meaningful and balanced presentation of the physical and cultural geography of the eight major culture regions of the World.
  • American History (9th grade): It is a balanced presentation of the history of this country from its beginnings to the present day. The course focuses on the U.S. constitution and the relationship of historical events to the political, social, and economic ideas which have shaped our country since the Post-Reconstruction Era.
  • American Civics (10th grade): It helps students to form the ideas, values, and habits of mind, necessary to become good citizens in a democracy.
  • Exploring World History (11th grade): It provides the most frequent and complete curriculum, focusing on the regions of the world, history, geography, citizenships, and humanity.
  • Economics (12th grade): It has the purpose to help raise the quality of economic education , and seeks to widen students understanding of the richness and complexity of Americans’ society , and to deal objectively with the World’s people and systems.
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