K – 12 School


Library is a regularly scheduled class. Students are given an opportunity to use the library in connection with classroom work and to read for pleasure however the students will not be permitted to take out books.

Students are welcomed to use the library . During class time and “resource periods,” individuals and groups ( may visit the library with a teacher’s pass). Students should stamp their passes in the time clock and sign in when arriving and sign out when returning to class.

Students are expected to make prompt restitution for damaged, or defaced items in an amount sufficient for repair or replacement, so that the library collection can be maintained for the use of all students and staff.


  • 50,000 plus books
  • Magazines
  • VCR-TV
  • Audio CD/Tape players
  • Color photocopy machine

Main office

2700 S.W 8 Street
Miami, FL 33135

Phone - Email - Fax

Phone: (305) 642-1000
Email: info@lincoln-marti.com
Fax: (305) 649-2767

Open Hours

Monday - Friday
6 A.M through 7 P.M
Weekends: Closed

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