K – 12 School


The Computer Laboratory has a network with 40 computers, one laser printer, two color printer and one scanner. The laboratory can be used by teachers and students, and it has secure internet access.

Two Computer Lab goals.

Provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Improve Basic Skills in Reading and Phonics; writing and spelling ; and mathematics.
  • Learn and apply general computer skills according to their age:

K-6th grades. Introduction to Computers.

7-12th grades. Microsoft Office Programs and use of the Internet.

Introduction to Computers for Windows, brings the novice into the “Information Age” in a “low impact” methodical format. Hardware, the keyboard, terminology, and the Windows desktop are covered extensively. Students learn to copy and paste, and cut and paste from one program to the other. They will be able to recognize and use the basic windows screen landmarks.
Microsoft Office and Internet. Students take the “next step” in their favorite application such as Word, Internet, or Excel. They will learn useful tools for preparing successful reports and projects in other classes.

The students should know and understand these regulations, for the Computer Lab:

  • Users must treat all computer facilities and equipment with due care and consideration.
  • No eating, drinking or playing of computer games is allowed in Computer Lab.
  • Students must exit and sign-off from computer systems correctly.
  • No software may be loaded, developed or executed on Computer Lab that attempts to access or alter the network file server or other equipment.
  • Students owned discs are not allowed.

Microsoft Word

Full of tips and tricks for the new user of Microsoft Word, this class begins with basic document manipulation such as movement within a document, editing and formatting text, paragraph and document formatting, as well as applying borders and shading. The curriculum also covers Spelling and Grammar Checker, Thesaurus, and using Numbers and Bullets. Students learn to set tabs, set headers and footers, section breaks, and inserting dates and symbols. Students learn to use Tables and how to create, edit, modify and sort data in tables, as well as import Excel spreadsheets into a document.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Covers all aspect of creating a PowerPoint presentation with all the “bells and whistles”. This comprehensive course allows students to develop and utilize their creativity with an emphasis on content and clarity.

Microsoft Excel

Beginning with spreadsheet uses, and maneuvering within the program, the instructor takes students through working with ranges, planning and creating useful and powerful formulas, and moving and copying data. Printing, page formatting, number and text formatting, cell formatting and auto format are all discussed and the students learn to work with formulas for spreadsheet creation.

Microsoft Access

Students learn how to create, work within and edit the design of tables. Field properties, searching, sorting and filtering data will be covered. The basics of relationships, simple queries, and creating basic forms and reports are included in this full day class.

Microsoft Outlook

Learn about the latest in communication and scheduling! Discover the email features available for sending, receiving and viewing electronic mail. Save time with the special “tricks and tips” features. Use the calendar to set appointments, schedule events, plan meetings and assign tasks and set those that recur with the click of the mouse. Set and keep track of your customers and clients through Contacts.

Internet Explorer

Students use Internet Explorer from Microsoft to surf the ‘Net. Internet searches for specific information in both indexes and directories will be stressed using the most powerful Search Engines today. Learn to use Outlook Express for Internet e-mail.

Microsoft Publisher

Publish a newsletter, flyer, and booklet and more using advanced desktop publishing techniques. Students use pictures, text, placeholders, scanned files, themes, and drawing tools to complete the class.

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